Lost and Afraid, poetry written by Linda R. Alvarez at Spillwords.com

Lost and Afraid

Lost and Afraid

written by: Linda R. Alvarez


I’m so tired
Of merely surviving on things I do not know
I’m lost and wired to a bomb
Trading love for all the trauma
Like I deserved this drama
If I heard right, I’m lost and alone
Out of sight from my house and my friends don’t give a damn
May this death wire me to explode
But my emotions will be exposed like a sawed off
Shot off and caught off guard
Starting a war with myself
And the angels that did this
Oh this is not wishful thinking
I don’t love anyone but my house
Born to warriors, never trained to fight a fact
But I know that’s a fact
And I’m going off track
Cause I don’t know if this is happening

I know I hear things
I know I fear things
I know I’m in a dark part of the world right now
I know if I steer it in the right direction
I can deflect this idea that I’ll never get it back
I’m a mutant of Malcolm X
His demon spawn
Give me freedom or give me death
Give me life, or give me beauty
She stood while the rest of you slaves sat
Don’t ever question that I know that

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