Lost in Time, poem by Bhakta Bahadur Basnet at Spillwords.com
Rene Bohmer

Lost in Time

Lost in Time

written by: Bhakta Bahadur Basnet


Shattered, shaken, shrunken
Trodden down to the ground
I am so low
I feel so low
So low, below the ground
Never to be found
Never to be found around

The gaze of my age
Now, flickers around my past
The lost days of my childhood
Then, driven by ignorance and innocence
I wandered around the streets
Orphaned, covered in rugged sacs
I counted the stars with joy
Though, that was futile
My innocent eyes couldn’t fathom
The depth of countless stars
However, I cherished the moment

Now, the street is the same
I have aged now, in the same street
The stars remain the same
I still try to count them
But, I realize, I do not enjoy counting them
I just keep on counting
And keep myself busy
To escape from the fact that
What a failed man I am

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