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written by: Tinashe Muza



Beauty is you, for you are beauty
A smile pronounces on my face by the sight of your shadow
My spirit arouses by a glimpse of your silhouette
You give me life as you are my breath
And you give me anything as you are my everything
The sound of your laughter gives peace and harmony to my heart,
as it is a sign of happiness
How dreadful I would feel seeing you stern
You showed me what true love is because you are love
How lucky I was in finding you, for you are one in a million
I hardly notice the environment when you smile,
as your beauty mesmerizes my focus on you
Where in the universe not in the world would I ever find
someone so perfect like you
I love you because you are lovable
Charisma is your foundation
And how would I ever forgive myself in letting you go
Keep smiling for it is the light in my life, without it I am blind



Poetry shouldn't be something written from the mind, but rather the heart. That is what makes it unique and special. The best moment to write a poem is when you feel very emotional, like angry, heart broken, happy or even when in love.

Tinashe Muza

Tinashe Muza

Born in Harare, I grew up in Highfield with my aunt. Went to Sandringham High (2014-2017). Pursing my dream to study oncology, I find myself gallivanting in the world of poetry.
Tinashe Muza

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