Love Eternal, a poem by Jane Bradshaw at
Paul Pastourmatzis

Love Eternal

Love Eternal

written by: Jane Bradshaw


What is the standard for love?
For friendship, loyalty, and kindness?
Do any of us really know?

I tend to think no.
We are not all seeing, like God
We are not infallible.
Or predictable.

We are meager beings.
Filled with inadequacies.
Conflictions and limitations.

But even with these flaws.
We are capable of love.
We can show selflessness.
And compassion.

I choose to believe in great love.
And when I do go.
I will always be a voice in your ear.
And a beat in your heart.

Love will pass from this realm.
Into the next.
And it will wait patiently.
Till we are united again.

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