Ink on My Skin by Scott Kitchens at

Ink On My Skin

Ink on My Skin

written by: Scott Kitchens



Why you want to judge me by the ink on my skin,

Why you see me for a color or a threat,

How do you see me any different than you,

How do you form thoughts of hate and regret?

I am the same as your neighbor, your cousin, your brother,

I have the same right to be who I am and be someone you should know,

Do I not walk just like you, talk like you, eat like you,

Do I suffer, feel, or hurt with the stones you throw?

It’s ok because you judge but will be judged by your actions,

It’s ok because my life is on my skin and I wear it proud,

Today I have overcome a lot and beat what has come against,

And today, I won’t be judged by the ink on my skin.

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