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The Tale Of Ours

written by: Dhiren Chhikara



A story was to be written,
a story was to be told.
The story of us both.
Living so close, yet so far,
told the times of old,
but not in this tale of ours.
A boy once lived quiet and calm,
a boy carrying pain, a boy with a tragic past.
He sought only love,
and love he never got,
he sought to lift up his heart,
but only heavier it ever got.
And then there was to be a girl,
a girl with happiness in her heart.
Her love was the only hope
to fade the scar of the boy's past.
Hate is where it all began
and love is where it turned.
Holding his hand in hers,
she walked beside him and never returned.
Together they walked,
Together they fought,
against the pain within his soul.
Her love is what taught him to love again,
Her love is what taught him to live again.

Dhiren Chhikara

Dhiren Chhikara

I am just middle class kid from India, Delhi. When I was in 8th grade in my school I took out a book which contained poems written by the Kids themselves. It was the first time when I realized that the words meant much more to me than it meant to others. I was an introvert so I never used to share much and as I had lost my father when I was 3 I was really afraid of what I might become because it would straight away point towards my bringing up. Right now that's all everyone needs to know to why I write.
Dhiren Chhikara

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