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Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

written by: Susie Vaughan



I’m all cried out
Not a tear left to cry
And waiting
For Someone you love,
that loves someone so dearly, to die.
So sad to see. No reason, just random selection or by happen chance, a mystery.
Watching and waiting for someone so dear to die, to go to sleep, to wake up in heaven on the other side with a new body with no more suffering, no more pain, with a spirit that lives on forever with everything to gain beyond this body.
Who can understand the sense of it all? Disease, then Death.
WHY??? Just a small word with a big question, with little explanation of an answer that makes any sense, rhyme or reason of it.
All I want to do is cry but I’m all cried out, my tears are all dried out. I’m all worn out. But nothing to complain about as I watch someone so Dear as they fight for their life.
So young to die, before her time, just had begun to live, now in her prime. A love just found, two souls bound in matrimony. A new life together had just begun. A love that barely got a chance to ignite. With dreams so big that it would take two to do them all as man and wife.
Before the biggest fight of her life was for her life. It’s just not right.
Only God knows the sense of it all. We may never know or understand, this side of Heaven. But we must trust that God has a bigger plan. Maybe He needed another star in the sky to show others the way to Heaven.
That’s why I cry out in my prayers, I call for help, for healing, for courage, for peace, for wisdom, for comfort, for forgiveness in this darkest hour, this darkest storm of life. When my son, Chris, is about to lose his wife, Marissa; a warrior, a fighter, a beautiful girl that gave it her all to conquer this mysterious ruthless enemy that pretended to fall but then reappeared like a dark magician, that came to call.
So sleep, sweet princess in the arms of the angels as they carry you away to your new home in the sky. So close your eyes, dear one, don’t you weep, you’re only going to sleep for a little while, a split second, a moment, to awake in Heaven, to be absent from the body is to be present and forever with the Lord, your King.
So when I look up at the night sky, towards Heaven, the brightest star I see, that shines in the darkest night will always remind me of you and that you are alive in Heaven on the other side and that love never dies but lives on forever.
Love lives on forever in our memories and in our hearts until we meet again.
Love is eternal.
Love never dies.


Dedicated to my son, Chris and his wife, Marissa Offenbacker.
“Love never dies”

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