When The Plague Came The Sun Went In, poetry by Stanley Wilkin at Spillwords.com
Bruce Mars

When The Plague Came The Sun Went In

When The Plague Came The Sun Went In

written by: Stanley Wilkin



When the plague came the sun went in
And clouds descended onto the rooftops,
The birds falling sharply in the skies
Like bullets.

The streets emptied like a pub after a wake
The body straddling the living room,
The music playing endlessly
Singing the only possible method of breathing.

They stayed indoors watching winds rap the windows,
Searching for company; screeching through the glass.
Smiles suffocated by cloth, pale faces
Pressed against the panes. Zombies in the bathroom, zombies
On well-tested sofas before 24 hour TV
Forgetting to exhale.

When leaving home they avoided the neighbours
Kept their distance from children
Playing catch ball in the park,
Slipped across the pavements in fear,
Ghosts afraid of ghosts, mummys wrapped up,
Haunted by fear. Neighbours reading routine data
On the virus’ rapid spread
Like sickly men in betting shops working out the odds.

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