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Once, Twice, Thrice

written by: Laura McGinnis


Once, it’s a point in time,
A singular, unique occurrence.
It may never happen again
For which we may be glad or sad.
But it was only once.

Twice, now you have a line.
Two points, connected by time
Or by common circumstance.
It happened twice now.
It’s repeatable.

Thrice is a trend,
No longer a coincidence.
A pattern begins to emerge
Common conditions or constraints
To be watched for.

Four or more
Is a choice
To let something happen or not.
Shame on me if it gets this far
And it shouldn’t have.

Laura McGinnis

Laura McGinnis

Laura is a retired project manager who has found new passion in writing. She has been published in 'Poetry Quarterly' and 'The Ginger Collect'. You can find her work online at mrswoonsocket.
Laura McGinnis

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