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Love – The Spiritual Facet Of Virtue

Love – The Spiritual Facet of Virtue

written by: Ashutosh Gupta



Love when thought about as an idea, an idea whose source is unknown, is always a fulfilling experience. It appears to be a cohesive force, a preserving force, producing a powerful drive within us to be a social being. The essence of love lies in it being directionless, with no genesis. The moment it is trapped between two individuals, it manifests itself as a flesh of human, and that manifestation doesn’t do justice to love as an idea having far reaching power.

The discovery of the truest avatar of Love is the ultimate means for spiritual awakening. When one relinquishes his lower self to transcend into the higher realms, then only he realises that love is not the object that exults in the light of sun, but love is the sun itself. This transition from the former to the latter is all that is there, holding divinity. Such a transition embodies Spiritual awakening. It reflects the love of soul, and that millions of hearts exudes millions kinds of love but millions of souls treasure only one manifestation of love.

The ultimate height of human evolution is to climb the mountain of knowing oneself and reach a spectacular landscape where you dive into every single heart, with a madness of a lover. Such shall be the gravity of Love, and such shall be the perseverance of its servants. The tragedy of Love remains that time and again it is conceived as another human compulsion, and like all compulsions we seek fruits out of them. Love in its ultimate avatar is knowledge that must be acquired. This knowledge is dispensed in a riveting language which is devoid of punctuation. For the very reason it makes small stretches of sense at one moment and senselessness on the other. We put periods into it at our own expense, only to reflect our desires and giving shape to something which is immeasurable.

Being loved is such a coveted desire but being a conversationalist is such a rare aspiration. Craving for the ultimate emotion without befriending the lesser ones is an injustice done to all of them together. The most beautiful conversations are a doorway to mastering the craft of immersing in love with peace. Such beautiful conversations can take place only when we observe every human from soul to attire which is the most humane thing to do. The best kind of conversations are always the ones in which two people secretly pick up on each others’ tragedies and prominently turn them into irreverent comedies.

Ashutosh Gupta

Ashutosh Gupta

I started writing at a fairly young age. I am always tempted towards my intuitions to seek for the nuances of life. Completely engrossed by the literary works of Tolstoy and Kafka.
Have recently published a book titled The Constituents of Virtue.
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