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written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


“Skepticism,” the poet told the woman,
“is contained in human reason and can never divorce itself from it,
because human reason contains the truth.”
The woman whispered, “And what does truth contain, sweet poet?”

“Truth contains doubt, my love
for without doubt the truth can never be revealed.
The truth is to be feared.
It brings disquiet to blind, ignorant minds,” the poet responds.

Sometimes the idiotic happenings going on around me
give me a feeling of fathomless, constant anger bordering on lunacy.
My mind swims erratically at the immensity of the fucked up-side-down universe
that is my troubled country.

Unjust treatment of the destitute, the old and disabled
makes my heart bleed.
Peaceful, loving thoughts swirl in my spirit,
but bad dreams hang on grasping at this hypnotic trance we’re living.

Dogs bark at the moon late at night
Others howl at ambulances screaming by,
I am not concerned with approval or disapproval,
I write to amuse and inform those who read.

I bear no ill will towards you the innocent, who toil endlessly and are forgotten,
but I talk to the moon late at night with hopes of enlightening the blind and the deaf,
the moon responds with the silence that the covetously powerful possess.



I know there will be better days.

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