Make Believe Rocket, written by James D. Casey IV at

Make Believe Rocket

Make Believe Rocket

written by: James Dennis Casey IV



What is this
New death sensation
From a choir of angels
In the devil’s church

Thought that I knew you
When you had not
Touched me yet
Take me back
To the night
Of our first meeting

Clean minded
And young
Drunk on sunsets
Never seeing
The sun rise

Discouraged flesh
Crying for more
In the hands
Of a die alone taxi

I met you there
On a parallel plane
Both headed
For a place beyond
The paper kites

The same as before
Without the warmth
Just travelers
Walking That
Little do you know

Only sleeping to rest
Only eating to live
Falling in love
Upon a wound
That takes us away
From the pain

Flying into my mind
Dancing across yours
In a make believe rocket
Made of love

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