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written by: Michael Shea



Breathe, singular and pure in like the wind through the drapes as lungs billow; through the nose then out deep.
Repeat, concentrate on nothing but the singular process until it becomes natural and soft like a pillow; don’t fall asleep.
Become one with the flow in and out, deep and slow till nothing is thought of to be ebb to and fro.
Once this is established and feels like it isn’t as you’re not, like a task unconscious is one you need not remember to keep.
Deep, but don’t sleep, ever so deep.
I hear the ocean flowing up through my feet, rushes in with each breath, taking out what I don’t want to keep, deep; repeat and don’t fall asleep.
Deeper the rush and as higher it flows, taking more what I don’t want to flow in as I breathe deeply in through my nose; rushing out through soles of my toes.
Higher rises the tide taking more of me in as this cleansing sensation it tingles my skin, rushing in and out it flows as my troubles slowly goes.
I become one with the sand as my body becomes less defined by this realm, the passage of time is allowing me to relinquish the helm; deep not asleep.
I remember to remind me no thoughts I’m to keep as I ebb to and fro now from my head to my feet, the wash in and out of me is less troubled with weight as I repeat; deep.
I picture a light where my eye is not one that I can see, this eye is not one or two but this eye is three.
This light that I picture grows to encompass all of me, ever so thoroughly; as I go deeper but still not asleep.
I seek to become light as a feather and heavy as lead as I lay in my bed not thinking, just breathing; deep.
The battle just beginning as thoughts drift in and out of my head, let them go; don’t sleep stay deep and keep on and repeat.
I can’t feel me anymore I’ve let that all go as the tide washed it away with its ebb to and fro, my body let go and I have gone deep.
The warmth of the glow that emanates from within bathes my skin and I am safe lost and deep, not asleep.
The sense that I’m adrift wafts in and out of consciousness as I fathom how not to be conscious with no thoughts of this I keep, as I drift ever deep without falling asleep; so very deep.
This sensation like dreaming but it’s real as I slide out of now into there and I’m back once again, feeling ‘ere so much lighter; this I must repeat as it is deep but not sleep.
This medicantation, this habit I keep.

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