Life's Struggle written by hedgehog at

Life’s Struggle

Life’s Struggle

written by: hedgehog


What is man to do who is starving, and cannot find work?
“God knows” – William Howard Taft


The silent glow of the neon light is their anthem
Out of the darkest recesses they come expectantly
No queue for them as they stand and shiver
Waiting, waiting for those scraps and handouts

 Vagrants and vagabonds weary and hungry
Desperate and despairing in an over abundant land
Hands that shake from too much drink and drugs
Haggard and drawn, pale, pasty and wan their faces
Watching for the bus for their meagre bit of food

We stand so pious as we boast of man’s achievements
How technology has revolutionised our daily lives
We’ve walked on the moon and shot comets in deep space
We’ve grown rich on man’s ability to create new wealth
And yet we see this bread line on this winter’s street

Ten thousand years of war and peace and glory
Ten thousand years of riches, gold and oil
Yet though our world has so much more to offer
These long lost souls must stand in line for bread!

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