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Meditation On A Tie

written by: Warren Alexander


What an exquisite tie for a crass moron, a wife
A gift, a mistake, a wife? Museum shop, not a
Klee or an exhumed da Vinci flapping his wings
A shimmering pattern with collaborative colors
A noose, a Quadruple Windsor nestled under his chins
An invention of necessity and an Olympic dive
A velveteen pull cord to release a flood of money and
Drips of civility, there must be a stain somewhere

Warren Alexander

Warren Alexander

MARCH 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Warren Alexander was born and still lives in New York City. He was identified as a cynic by his kindergarten teacher, and he honed this quality under the tutelage of Thomas Keneally, Peter Carey, and E. L. Doctorow at NYU, where he received his MA in creative writing.
His satiric novel, Cousins’ Club, was a semi-finalist for 2017 BookLIfe Award for General Fiction. His work, Wrong Train, placed second for the 2016 Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award judged by Michael Matrone.
He is currently working on a satiric novel about business.
Warren Alexander

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