Meeting The Magi, a poem by Charlie Bottle at
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Meeting The Magi

Meeting The Magi

written by: Charlie Bottle



I met the magi today,
they had no gifts to give,
no royal robes,
no wise aphorisms,
they were down to earth,
not looking for the king
who would change the world,
but looking for the world
to change its heart for the king.

I met a magus today
at a department store corner,
he watched people carrying gifts,
he wore a red hat
had a red kettle on a tripod,
rang a bell, and didn’t say a word,
his sign appealed to people
on a frigid day in winter,
to be charitable to the poor.

I met the magi today,
they didn’t ride dromedaries,
instead, they drove food truck vans
decaled “Meals on Wheels”
and delivered food to the old,
the poor, the homeless
for Christmas is but one day,
and only Our Saviour knows
hunger arrives many times a day,
and the poor need to be fed daily.

So, this Christmas wherever you are,
remember, you are the magi too,
the baby Jesus who lay in the manger,
lies in orphanages, in underpasses,
homeless shelters, nursing homes
and homes for the aged,
he lives next door, a neighbor, a child
strange and lonely, without friends,
be kind to them each day,
for then, as the magi
you don’t have to go far as they did,
Christ waits this Christmas
for the gift, you give from your heart
the gift of love, every day of the year.

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