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written by: Satis Shroff



I went to a home for elderly people

Dressed as a hare with a big red nose,

Wore a bathing gown like the Weihnachtsmann.

I played old German folk tunes,

For the delight of those present,

With my mouth-harmonica.

Some smiled, others stared

And still others applauded,

Like small children with glee.


The olde melodies brought memories

Of happier days to those with dementia.

‘Dankeschön!’ said an elderly lady,

Tears running down her cheeks.

Her eyes said:

‘Thank you for the precious memories.’


Oh, it was such a rich experience,

To help others to remember,

And forget the Care-Home-Blues,

Even for an evening.

I packed my props and went home,

With a joyous heart.

I’ll never forget the tears of the lady.


written by: Satis Shroff



Ich ging in ein Altersheim

Verkleidet als ein Hase,

Mit einer roten Nase.

Ich spielte mit meiner Mundharmonika

Alte Deutsche Lieder für die Mitbewohner.

Manche lächelten,starrten

Und andere applaudierten,

Wie der Jubel kleiner Kinder.

Die alten Melodien riefen Erinnerungen,

Von glücklichen Tagen hervor.

Besonders bei Gästen mit Demenz.

‘Dank’schön!’ sagte eine betagte Dame,

Mit Tränen in den Augen.

Ihre Augen sagten:

‘Sie haben mir meine Erinnerungen zurückgebracht.’

O, es war so eine Bereicherung,

Den anderen helfen sich zu erinnern,

Den Altersheim-Blues zu vergessen,

Auch wenn es nur für einen Abend war.

Satis Shroff

Satis Shroff

Satis Shroff is based in Freiburg and is a poet, humanist, lecturer and artist. He writes poems, fiction, non-fiction, and also on ecological, ethno-medical, culture-ethnological themes. He describes himself as a mediator between western and eastern cultures and sees his future as a writer and poet. He received the Pablo Neruda Award 2017 for Poetry in Crispiano, Italy.
Satis Shroff

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