Memories of A Gravel Road, poetry by James D. Casey IV at
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Memories of A Gravel Road

Memories of A Gravel Road

written by: James Dennis Casey IV



I remember
running behind
our car

wonder witch
got that
cruella deville

all in exchange
for an old set
of turquoise

and a black mass

nothing left
to do
but wait around
for sins
to pass

to change

to fade

James Dennis Casey IV

James Dennis Casey IV

James D. Casey IV is an artist, author of seven poetry collections, and founder/editor-in-chief of Cajun Mutt Press. His work has been published in print and online by several small press venues and literary magazines internationally. La Voce dei Poeti, La Catena della Pace international poetry contest gave "Warriors of the Rainbow" by J.D.C.IV a critic's choice award in 2016, and his poem "That'll do Pig" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by New Pop Lit in 2019. James was born in Colorado, grew up in Louisiana/Mississippi, and currently resides in Illinois.
James Dennis Casey IV

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