Message In A Bottle, a poem written by Troy DeFrates at

Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

written by: Troy DeFrates


What did I do for you to forsake me?
Just let me know so that I can be free
Trapped in here I am so blind I cannot see
My vision warped as I look through the glass

The ice melts in the stillness
My message lost in a bottle
Distilled into bliss

What can I do for you to hear?
Hiding in this place, no feelings, no fear
Nightmares come and nothing seems clear
Lost it all, forgotten past

Another piece of ice creates a ripple
My message lost in a bottle
When I am gone, will I be missed?

Numbness creeps coldly through my veins
Don’t know what is real, am I truly insane?
Inside is a rage that cannot be tamed
Another bottle that will not last

The ice has melted as I take the last shot
My message lost in a bottle
Relishing the elixir, smooth as a kiss

Sleeping again where ever I fall
A knock at the door I cannot answer the call
Just another person that does not care at all
With my bag of burdens I have amassed

An empty glass clinks with fresh ice
My message lost in a bottle
Another glass full, clenched with my fist

Boarding another ship with eyes ablaze
Tied to this mast glazed over eyes in a haze
I hoist my own petard to my lips unfazed
Losing myself, the dice have been cast

The ice is gone and with it my will
My message lost in a bottle
I knew the danger and I took the risk

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