Message In A Bottle, a poem written by Troy DeFrates at

Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

written by: Troy DeFrates


What did I do for you to forsake me?
Just let me know so that I can be free
Trapped in here I am so blind I cannot see
My vision warped as I look through the glass

The ice melts in the stillness
My message lost in a bottle
Distilled into bliss

What can I do for you to hear?
Hiding in this place, no feelings, no fear
Nightmares come and nothing seems clear
Lost it all, forgotten past

Another piece of ice creates a ripple
My message lost in a bottle
When I am gone, will I be missed?

Numbness creeps coldly through my veins
Don’t know what is real, am I truly insane?
Inside is a rage that cannot be tamed
Another bottle that will not last

The ice has melted as I take the last shot
My message lost in a bottle
Relishing the elixir, smooth as a kiss

Sleeping again where ever I fall
A knock at the door I cannot answer the call
Just another person that does not care at all
With my bag of burdens I have amassed

An empty glass clinks with fresh ice
My message lost in a bottle
Another glass full, clenched with my fist

Boarding another ship with eyes ablaze
Tied to this mast glazed over eyes in a haze
I hoist my own petard to my lips unfazed
Losing myself, the dice have been cast

The ice is gone and with it my will
My message lost in a bottle
I knew the danger and I took the risk

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates lives in the Great Woods Of Northern Wisconsin, U.S.A., and has been published over twenty times in the last year in various periodicals and online magazines including Spillwords.
Troy DeFrates

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