Metempsychosis, a poem by Aisha Ahmed at
Ifrah Akhter



written by: Aisha Ahmed


I planted the urge to resist the sight
of you chiming in, in my mares.
I struggled to make dusk to dawns, to
eschew the grief, nights come with.

a perfect lie molded was placed
in my mind in return, I took in the
last breath to bury your face under
the palm of tulips and roses I planted
before you are gone. rather, your last
word hit me like an arrow or bullet
sermoned to blow a skunk. and I
saw a skull, last night, in my mare
singing in dò-re-mí tunes,
I broke every scarlet thought into
the walls of Quranic recitation.

and tonight, I shall wait
by the riverside to blow away
your ashes and spell away from the
sorcery in you. I’ve learned to bury and
rebury your reincarnation with Surah* recipes.


*   Surah – Chapter of Quran

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