Midnight Passing, a poem by Ashley Sawyer at Spillwords.com
Kevin Keith

Midnight Passing

Midnight Passing

written by: Ashley Sawyer


The child who sleeps next to me
knows great pain.
She knows the terrible future
that seems to draw near.

Death haunts her,
Watches in the corner.
It taps on her shoulder
As it whispers in her ear.

The child who sleeps next to me
knows how near it is.
Her soul is still bright
even with the devil creeping in.

I’m afraid of the day
when her whole world crashes down.
Freezing time
To wither in the heartache.

Midnight passing
Into the new of another day.
Quietly sleeping next to me,
One exhale at a time.
I gather myself into comfort
As she throws the blanket
over her shoulder.

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