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Money Can’t Win

Money Can’t Win

written by: LoverFn3



Money can teach you everything
I’m sure you’ll be able to go to the best schools
Get better opportunities
Grow in comfort
Keep your teeth whiter than mine
But money can’t teach you everything.

I’ve spent years living a comfortable life
Raised by strong black parents who made their goal to make sure that I
maximise my potential
achieve my dreams
do well for myself
but also not lose context of my reality.

See, growing up black and suburban
Made me feel privileged towards my brothers and sisters who walk lengths just for water and caught overloaded trains just to make it home
but still on the flip side,
under the scrutiny of white folk who only know comfort and convenience.
Who only know safety and security to bring me back home where I need to be taught that not everyone will like us. And yes “son you not just different. You black.”

No wonder when I walked home from school every 2nd dog would be barking at me.
Transition was a long process for many.
And money was not and is not the catalyst for character development.

Money won’t teach you how to love your neighbour but rather keep your success a secret.
Money won’t teach you how to be a father. It would substitute you for the new cellphone your children begged for.

Money won’t teach you how to love when all is lost and you have nothing left
Money won’t teach you how to be…you

I thank my father for making sure that a lot of my holiday time was spent with poor cousins in a township with dusty roads, dirty clothes and innovated cars materialised from their young soft innocent hands.
Embracing your blackness wasn’t a trend but embedded in who we are
To celebrate our God given pigment with God given dreams and God permitted hurdles just to show how great we are overcoming anything ahead of us.

Money can’t teach you to love yourself.
Money can’t sing struggle songs that heart broken victims express from bleeding from their lips.

I’m sorry for making you realise this reality where your children are enjoying the comfort of everything you made for them.
But I won’t lose context of the fact that our nation still needs saving.
If however we choose to be ignorant.
Then get ready to introduce the next generation to their new fathers, money.

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