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Before Going In (Hold Tight)

Before Going In

(Hold Tight)

written by: sidonamarie



before going in,
let’s be clear
and hold tight
to all you hold dear,
as for me,
there are many things—
a few of which
are these—
my faith in God our Father,
the books of Dr. Seuss,
magical dragons and Honnah Lee,
your children and mine,
and music—
rock and roll
rhythm and blues
and, oh my, soul—
be strong,
be kind,
be gentle of heart
when you enter
the rabbit hole
things familiar
twist and tweak
to a world askew
and only a shadow
of the one you knew,
that can
if you let it
in its distortion and twirl
change you
into a deception, a shadow,
of the person
that once
in your private mirror
reflected back at you


Before Going In opens my book By the Pond (Dreams, Imaginings, Musings) as part of the Introduction. My poetry, while not always dark, came from working through a “dark night of soul.” This poem sets up the mood for entering the world my mind sorted through. Before Going In was written for the Introduction as a fun yet serious setup for beginning my poetry.



I have written poetry since 1977. I am a teacher first and poet second. In 1983, I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in English with an emphasis in elementary education. I taught for a few years and life happened. I needed to stay home to care for my son with asthma and some immune system issues. In 2003, I became a teachers aide and did that for 12 years. Now I am substitute teaching in that same elementary school. My children are grown. My son is a farmer/poet. My daughter is a classical saxophonist and working toward a degree in music performance and education.

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