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Ray Of Hope

Ray of Hope

written by: Hazardous Sarcasm



After darkness comes light,
I have been told,
Yet no one enunciated,
Of what befalls in the darkness,
Of the span,
Of the torture!

How shadows of darkness
Would stain and taint me!
Shadows and darkness consumed me so,
I wished for an escape to heaven and more.
I aspired for light, warm and encouraging
That would hold me, shield me!
A plan for escape,
No one divulged!

Years gone by and
Darkness devour me
Did I deserve the darkness? I asked,
Was it my fault? I pondered.
All along, I never ceased to believe,
Dreaming of radiance, a ray of hope!

Then I saw a silver light,
Streaming through closed doors,
Lighting the darkness,
Lighting my soul!
I slowly and unsurely walked towards the light,
Hesitating, my heart discovering unspoken words,
Warm and tender, words of reverence,
My heart desired to light up my soul!

To stand in the light, and let it consume me,
Slowly and surely I walked to the door,
Opening it ever so slow,
Peering into the light aglow!
Our eyes spoke untold words of love and passion
Our hearts wired eternally
My heart comprehending every unspoken words,
That was extraordinarily familiar!

He smiled surely taking my hands in his,
Tender warm rays of sunshine,
Touched my face and slowly kissed my lips,
Ever so soft and ever so sweet!
And I knew I was finally home,
In the warm embrace and caring gaze,
I knew I would stay there,
For eternity!

Hazardous Sarcasm

Hazardous Sarcasm

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Hazardous Sarcasm

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