Monkey Trap, poetry by Sherin Mary Zacharia at

Monkey Trap

Monkey Trap

written by: Sherin Mary Zacharia


Would I once more be able
to get myself liberated?
From the terrible trouble
now I have invited
to work on my mind, leaving it wounded.

New memories fail
to replace those old, stinky near dead.
Much awaited call sounds frail;
from the thoughts chained
by morbid voices, surrounded.

World beckons me to enjoy
A life beautiful, breezy, green.
I tip-toe into the shadow, that moonbeams alone destroy.
Hide in silence motionless, unseen
Dreams float, imaginations flow gurgling clean.

As moments tick, the mind returns to spot
a memory forgotten, a monkey trap
like the banana in a small necked pot
bound tight by a simian grip that refuses to unwrap.
This I should not recall but take a new route on a redrawn map.

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