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Moon Dreams

written by: Greg Massey



Are you looking at the other side of the moon?
Here, I carry these stones
In the pockets of my heart,
That ancient word - now
So abused,
But I know it's real
For I feel its weight
Through sobs and salty tears.

Are you looking at the other side of the moon?
Is it full,
Where its paleness illuminates
The galaxies in your eyes, or
Perhaps a waning crescent
Where hope slips along
Its final curve?

I'm looking at the moon tonight,
And wishing beyond the stars
For it to be a mirror,
So you could see what I see
Behind that heavenly veil
I long to remove.

Greg Massey

Greg Massey

Greg Massey is an American writer and poet who resides on his farm in Olive Branch, Mississippi.
He obtained his B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of MS and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.
Greg is an English professor at Northwest Community College.
Greg Massey

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