Murdering Ideals written by Gigi Lee at

Murdering Ideals

Murdering Ideals

written by: Gigi Lee



I am someone.
Therefore, no one turned to see me. Everyone…
looks the other way around;
For status quo.

It’s all about keeping the crown;
the tyranny of an obsolete king,
refusing abdication, waging war
—winning by default
shackled in rusty cuffs of a decaying testament.

They hid me in fear,
gag me in shame. Yet the very same consumes me with greed.
Satiating hypocritical image of a saint;
projection of courage, cowardice against change.

I am not their own,
then criminal, I?
Subversiveness tag as the devils,
poison to progress, me?
When would a positive difference be branded justice?

How many persons, had it been?
Killed in the name of whoever god,
commanding their shadows; but the fire is immortal.

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