Murdering Ideals written by Gigi Lee at

Murdering Ideals

Murdering Ideals

written by: Gigi Lee



I am someone.
Therefore, no one turned to see me. Everyone…
looks the other way around;
For status quo.

It’s all about keeping the crown;
the tyranny of an obsolete king,
refusing abdication, waging war
—winning by default
shackled in rusty cuffs of a decaying testament.

They hid me in fear,
gag me in shame. Yet the very same consumes me with greed.
Satiating hypocritical image of a saint;
projection of courage, cowardice against change.

I am not their own,
then criminal, I?
Subversiveness tag as the devils,
poison to progress, me?
When would a positive difference be branded justice?

How many persons, had it been?
Killed in the name of whoever god,
commanding their shadows; but the fire is immortal.

Gigi Lee

Gigi Lee

Maria Lagdameo a.k.a. OxyMoronicMe GLemz or GiGi Lee is a working woman in her mid thirties whose passion includes arts and crafts and writing and likes grassy diet, old books, drawing and painting, listening to loud music, creating and reading poetry, watching long T.V. Series.
She has been writing since her high school days but just got seriously involved last 2016. She likes to experiment and to try writing in different styles (including erotica and dark poetry). Her works to date include: fourteen (14) articles, one (1) novel, eighteen (18) short stories and two hundred thirty-eight poems (238). She had won numerous times in different poetry writing competitions and have two short stories and four poems included in Book Anthologies.
Gigi Lee

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