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My Absinthe Mind

My Absinthe Mind

written by: Nicole Cheng



Midnight under my sheets, irises are closed tight;

Windows are opened with the gleaming white light.

Tossing and turning in my sleep as I silently scream

And as I suddenly drift off into a surreal dream.

Whispered and distorted voices are now in my head;

I am floating in the black void, surrounded by the dead.

Then, there they are, coming right after me

As the bleeding heart and paranoia appears abruptly.

Glowing orbs are floating in the center of the chalk

Staring straight at me, as if they wanted to stalk.

Porcelain faces, I’m surrounded by, stand and stare,

Moving without a sound while breathing the live air.

They’re not even real, I tell myself, they are fake;

Something tells me they are possessed by the demon’s fate.

I can feel them speaking to me, saying something eerie.

They sound like children singing scary songs on the prairie

And children that are weeping waters from their eyes,

Sending eternal catatonia with frozen bones, all catalyzed,

And eyes that are horrifyingly wide opened and staring straight.

My spine chills as I stare back; I can’t even break.

The paranoia has gotten me shockingly paralyzed

With more ghostly children’s voices appearing deep inside.

Then, there are more. More shock that I may not take:

Figures in white mist come out of the frigid ice lake

With cacophonous sounds of silent, screaming death

Combined with the touch of frozen winds and melting breaths.

Charcoal windows of the souls are glaring, they’re closer

And closer and closer; my heart beating faster and faster

With droplets under my sheets appear all over my skin.

My body is shaking in complete shock and turning porcelain

Like the haunting ghosts and possessed dolls stalking me.

I don’t know what they are after; what is it they see?

Suddenly, the true horror is about to begin, I realized

It is me they want; I am already eternally paralyzed

Under the cruel and bloody rape by the demonic phantoms.

When will I wake up from this nightmare by Satan?

Oh, wait, I’ve already have. But it still feels entirely wrong.

Everything is not a nightmare, in spite they are gone.

They are truly only hallucinating visions in my waking mind.

And in my hand, is an empty glass bottle of green wine.

It was full in one moment; all the poison acid is in me now.

I realized I’m in a deadly lake of absinthe, and I have drowned.



Alcohol can do a lot of things to your mind… and you just can’t stop.

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