My Addiction written by Robbie Masso at

My Addiction

My Addiction

written by: Robbie Masso


The road is starting to look the same.
Every day I pass the same trees with a cold hand and dry lips.

I know you care and sleep next to me every night,
but I’m starting to itch for more.
I’m telling you the truth – are you?
Is my mind just fucking with me again?
If I’m right, the withdraw might kill me.

“You’re addicted.”
I see that now, thanks.
Stop touching me, so I can quit you.
Your chemistry makes me love.
My veins are your color now.

This should make me stronger in The End.
I have to keep everything inside, for the trees don’t care.
Your name screams silently.
The rareness puts you places unknown to most.
Perfection creates addiction.

The simplest tasks seem daunting without you.
I’m not young and stupid.
I’m just young.
I’m just overwhelmed.
I’m just The Outsider.

The risk to get you forgoes common sense.
I take the chance every day.
You came to me at the perfect time-
Hollywood dramatic.
I knew the happiness was not mutual.

Too blind to be scared.
Every day I pass the same trees with a cold hand and dry lips.

Robbie Masso

Robbie Masso

Aspiring writer influenced by the likes of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Langston Hughes, etc.
Robbie Masso

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