My Darling, a poem by Jeff Flaig at

My Darling

My Darling

written by: Jeff Flaig


Tears bled like a gaping wound
And my eyes, a blue lagoon,
Held none of them from the tide
My soul, lost upon an empty sea

My cries, like wild birds at night,
And my agony, a descending light,
Found no mercy in its blackness
My soul, the last sound of sleep

Thoughts conspire like a lunatic’s dream
And my desire, a harmonious scream,
Evaded even simple complexities
My soul, a melody of unusual sounds

Heart beats, like whispers in a vacant hotel
And my loneliness, a midnight bell,
Heard only a single retarded throb
My soul, a vortex of hidden rooms

Darling, like white birds in spring
And my Own, a picnic bring,
Sit beside me and hold the silver candle
My soul, a last path traveled, alone

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