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My Life Isn’t a Movie

My Life Isn’t a Movie

written by: Bill Chima Nwabuko



My life isn’t a movie, I’m not trying to create a scene But it feels like a paradox, A twisted and ironic dream
I’m the protagonist of my story Yet I’m the antagonist too The hero with a tragic flaw That always seems to come through
My symbolisms are scattered Like broken pieces of glass Reflecting back all the moments That didn’t come to pass
And my metaphors are endless Like the stars up in the sky Each one a different story Of how I live and how I die
But in the end, it’s all just words Written on a page My life isn’t a movie, no It’s more like a passing stage
A stage where I am both actor And audience, at once Where every scene is a paradox And every moment is a chance
A chance to rewrite my story And create a better end For my life isn’t a movie It’s a tale that I can bend.

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