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My Muse

My Muse

written by: Megha Sood



My inspiration
the music to which my
quill dances wildly
beyond the realms
of dreams and reality

As surreal as the dreams
in the midnight
in the eyes shut wide open
to observe your
eternal beauty
imbued with the poetic metaphors
which stirs the poet inside me and
rattles and shakes me to the core

Your presence alone in
the world
opens the heavenly firmament
from where the
sonnets birth
and take safe haven

Bathed in the moonlight
you conjure those thoughts
magically in my
resplendent mind
a mere glance of you
keeps the thought
brimming and alive

A mere fleeting touch of your face
brings out the divine rhapsody
to life
They think
I’m putting the
oddities of life to use;
when I secretly
hide your identity
my precious muse.

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