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My Path Runs Ahead of Me and My Plans

Canto Eight

written by: Benjamin R Bray



A higher education
They called it
With an ever higher price
Then some could ever pay

Adults as classmates
Adults as professors
Adults as discussion leaders
Adults as coworkers

Could it be
We lose our child's heart
Among the lecture halls
Or in between the novel-length lecture notes

Could it be
We gain something of equal value
To that of the heart lost
For knowledge gained

Do we pursue our goals
Out of fear
Or determination
Or legitimate fascination

Are we not yet well-rounded
Must we continue with the rigor
Of a multiple subject lack of focus
Work without relation to our futures

Are we not yet adults
And therefore know
What we wish to learn
What we need to succeed


Part eight of my autobiographical series of poetry.

Benjamin R Bray

Benjamin R Bray

Writing my way through life's journey; finding inspiration in the people who make me feel like I deserve to be here. In their unconditional love that I find what little strength I feel I have to face this overwhelming world. Through my writing I find escape in expression of anything I'm feeling at the moment the pen makes contact with the paper.
Benjamin R Bray
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This publication is part 8 of 9 in the series My Path Runs Ahead Of Me And My Plans
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