Nightmare #50, a poem written by R. Bremner at
Dr. Francesca Bremner

Nightmare #50

written by: R. Bremner


Foul odors emanate from … I know not where!
Ah, behind the wall! But what can be there?
Tiptoeing with care to its side I creep
Now an atonal rasping sounds through the room
This tainted noise! Again from the wall!
What a lusus naturae, an ogre must it be…
But now I hear laughing, laughing at me!
My name, it is called in a shrill piercing squall
And the pungent old smell gets much grosser as well!
An ax stands beside me who knows from whence it came
I chop, chop at the wall that keeps calling my name!
The wall breaks with ease and I plainly can see
A rank rotted corpse that is laughing at me!
Imagine my traumatic shock, for to see
The face of that heinous, stinking corpse – it is me!

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