Nightmare, a poem by Naleenee Mohan at



written by: Naleenee Mohan


Sunny night
Moony day
twinkling bulbs
candle stars,
Green roses
and crimson grass
Is this the lawn,
my children play?

Broken pencils
joined with tape
trying to walk
on a slippery page
papers flutter
by the shades of curtain
is this the home
my family stays?

Barking cuckoos
and crowing dogs
munching cats
and meowing frogs
blue are roads
with boats on toes
this does not
seem my place.

Tired, unable to run further
I hold the breath of mine
Hiding myself
under an old table
where we dine
shutting the eyes
I pray in the mind
hoping for all to normalize.

Hazy shadow
burning looks
smoke in hand
and a butcher’s tool
enters a lousy rogue
thumping foot.
I hear the sound of my beats
trembling knees
frozen veins
it seems the body
you prick will ooze
with an icy rain.

Even a silent breath,
I try to sustain
Suddenly something bright
gets thrown on my side
The knife is missing
not in his hands anymore
Oh my God!
Has the idiot killed me?
Am I no more?
Oh how my heart aches
right at the point
the murderer has hit me.

I hear a shriek
Is it another freak?
And then the music starts
it’s M.J’s ‘Beat it’
‘O beat it, O beat it’
I wonder where
the killer’s gone
the song still playing
pretty loud on my earlobe
Am I dead or alive?
I open my eyes
See all around
Ah, it’s so nice.

The bright sun rays
jumping from the window
on my face,
the pain in the heart,
seems still there,
O, it’s the heavy hand
of my lovely man
placed on my chest
happy to see myself exist
I stop the alarm
the tone of M.J.’s voice
Never ever
have I been so relaxed
waking in morning
and getting out of bed!

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