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written by: The Quiet Quill



I have black-and-white photograph longing for you,
For us, For then,
For all that has past
And all that won't come.
I am Frozen in time,
Lacking in colour,
In taste, in touch,
In anything tangible at all.
Stuck in an out of date feeling
That cannot be defined,
Or described, or ever denied.
I am a silent moment
Trapped in a time when
Sounds were loud and happy.
I am a black and white figure
Held in a place when
Life was bright and vibrant.
I am longing.
I am nostalgia.
I am your past.
You. Were. My. Future.

The Quiet Quill

The Quiet Quill

AUGUST 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Writer. Poet. Observer.

An open book with a few words tucked away. I have many thoughts to think and many feelings to feel, which I exorcise through poetry; my therapy.
The Quiet Quill

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