A Smile From You?, poetry written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

A Smile From You?

A Smile From You?

written by: LadyLily



My world set apart, lonely by neglect.
No flowering meadows, just quivers each morn.
Each morning I split the silence
and time disappears, over again.
Timidness of soul drained by longing for touch,
thorned pathway, flecked spillages of scarlet.

Told I was born in sin,
imagination stifled by wretched beings.
Children daub the Sun, bright yellow-orange,
I paint a prison, drab and sooty.
Skin absent glow, my lips stitched,
choked by icy breath. Each evening
thunder on my bones as lightning fuses nerves.

I cower, a once Red Rose scorched by the Moon
to a cobalt Poppy, a hollowed heart.
Blade keen, a murderer was born.
I feel seconds crawl,
die at the appointed time.
Painless passing, slip away magically.
Unworthy of a pretty smile?
Or to be told of Sunsets?

Lips now rouged, shell ivoried,
each limb torture free.
My body no meal for worms.
Did I ever trample on a soul?
or crumple your shadow?

A smile from you….
I would have become an Emerald…
Aged eight.

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