Of Closure and Sundry, prose poetry by Agbeye Oburumu at Spillwords.com
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Of Closure and Sundry

Of Closure and Sundry

written by: Agbeye Oburumu


Within the depths of youth’s crevices, shattered remnants tarry like fractured shards of glass, and Hephaestus endeavor to construct them into a cohesive whole, yet their intellects falter before such a daunting task. To preserve these fleeting memories and imbue them with significance is akin to the feat of Sisyphus, for they exist within a miasma of confusion and disorientation. Despite this, poetry may offer succor, a sanctuary for the bard to submerge himself in, akin to a lotus blooming in a turbid pond.

Notwithstanding the fragile nature of the human psyche, these memories persist, and existence trembles and convulses at every utterance of the poet’s lexicon. The bard’s intellect is an upheaval of emotions, a tempestuous maelstrom of despair and other sensations, not entirely resembling rapture, yet his appellation resonates with those who esteem the fervor he has infused into parchment.

O, Hephaestus, on your street thoughts walk, and they lay their heads to rest each night, ruminating on whether the heads that carry them may breathe life into a duo of bees scurrying across the desolate wasteland of their minds. The psyche doth oft falter when endeavoring to piece together each splinter of youth, and the son grows weary of trudging homeward with each reverie of solace.

Nevertheless, a cleavage transpires within him, and his essence bellow with the vigor of a thousand tempests. His charge transforms into the genesis of a novel universe, but first, that universe must burgeon forth upon parchment, akin to a seedling sprouting from the soil. The parchment must be as friable as an autumn leaf, and the ink must be impregnated with his tears and quivering. Only then may the universe be reborn, and the shards of youth merge into a miraculous new creation.

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