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Laimons Juris G

Memory Lane

Memory Lane

(2/14/21 @ 8:10 a.m.)

written by: Laimons Juris G


It was just a hair from my chinny-chin-chin
(just a little teeny-tiny hair)
From my chinny-chin-chin
No need to take a care about the teeny-tiny bit of hair
in the soup this waiter put down in front of us
the small café on our itinerary – You See –
We’re only simple tourists on a tour bus
enjoying the sites & scenes
we see thru the windows
of our friendly all inclusive
no-fuss tour bus
London to Delhi
Tangerine Tours
Why have I
Thought about
That now?
So many memories ago
Only saved in my mind
Where does dust or ash disappear or dissolve into?
Grains of sand
Eventually wear down
How many civilizations
Reached the moon, the stars & other exotic dimensions
But long forgotten planetary ancestors
Breathed in
Breathed out
Saw this
Heard that
Breathing in
Breathing out
Breathing in
Breathing out
Meditation walking
In a monastery near Kandy
In the tropically exotic jungles of Sri Lanka
Recently name changed from British colonial
Sitting under a sacred bo tree
Becoming part of one branch
As I suddenly see myself
from up above sitting
Under an ancient tree
Flying flying flying
I am a butterfly
I’ve become a butterfly
watching myself
Under a tree
In a jungle
Far from home
Breathing in
Breathing out
So many memories ago

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