Oh So Sweet, poetry written by Emma L Flint at Spillwords.com

Oh So Sweet

Oh So Sweet

written by: Emma L Flint



All Hallow’s Eve,
Such a devilish holiday.
The decorated macabre,
Seeped in chilling screams,
Ripped from tormented dreams.
Laced with malt,
The scent of cinnamon on the wind,
Howling gales,
Never let the bad ones in.
For this is a hallowed night,
A deadly hour,
One known to give them power.
Who are they?
Oh, we thought you knew,
They’re the demons,
The ones coming for you.
You can bar the windows,
Bolt the doors,
Yet you’re not safe,
Scared forevermore.
Close your eyes,
Hold your breath,
When they knock for candy,
It might be your last.

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