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Omran Daqneesh

Omran Daqneesh 

written by: Aparna Reddy



A small frame
doused in layers of ash
death brushed past him
leaving him bloody-
stoic against the orange
interior of an ambulance

the wounded Aleppo boy
barely five years
into this chaotic world
dazed and silent,
spoke a thousand words
eloquently with his still eyes

his trust in adults
who have raised more
dust and rubble in the world,
than playgrounds of peace
seemed evaporated
he sat there quietly
anchored by shock

with his tiny hands
stretched on his knees
as lights went flashing on his face
he touched the crusted blood
on his forehead
wiped it off on the chair
without a tear

Omran Daqneesh- five
survived, the other five didn’t
he is staring at the world
through his ruffled hair
the world is staring back at him
unable to match his still eyes



This happens everyday in some parts of the world, we get to see a few glimpses through the media. These images remain in our minds forever.

Aparna Reddy

Aparna Reddy

Aparna Reddy is an educator and poet, based in California, USA. Writing poetry is her hobby and she enjoys writing in verse anything that touches her heart. As a busy professional and mother, writing poetry has helped her in meditating and relaxing. She believes reading and writing poetry is cathartic. She thinks contemplation is a great exercise for the mind: It connects the intangible mind with the tangible outside world. This connection, if genuine can produce great insights about our lives and the world around us. Some of her poems have been published in online literary magazines such as Muse India and Spillwords Press.
Aparna Reddy

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