On Earth to All Kind, a poem by Gerry Stefanson at Spillwords.com
Debby Hudson

On Earth to All Kind

On Earth to All Kind

written & performed by: Gerry Stefanson


akin to mom, tucking me in,
a blanket of warmth, security and love
envelopes me, most mid Decembers.
no herald angels in voice
no braying of beasts,
possible starry night.
memories tumble down
scent of pine, invades the room
which takes on a late fifties glow.
lightly closing eyes form the silhouette of
a tree a hue of colors,
think holly dream mistletoe.

not every, yet pleasantly many
of these awaken nirvana stumble my way.
a whim of dream, a longing for the almost forgotten.
only times past regrets refrain from here
as do spilled hope/ vision of grandeur.
no calls for more /no hint of want
just pleasant seasonal contentment.

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