...on Poetry and Fiction - Just “One Word” Away ("Life"), editorial by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com

…On Poetry and Fiction Just “One Word” Away (“Life”)

…On Poetry and Fiction

Just “One Word” Away (“Life”)

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



One word becomes one idea, becomes one sentence, becomes one poem, becomes one story. It must start from just “one word”. Today my one word is “Life”.



“Life” assures us that the day will begin and the day will end; and it will take us on journeys where we may experience every emotion, every feeling, every happening, every person, and any and every place imaginable. We will explore all of life’s pleasures, treasures, blessings, highs, lows – its loves, its tragedies, its happiness, its sadness; all through every one of our senses. We must move with it as life continues to push and guide us along the way. There is no other way to live life than to feel it and embrace it to the fullest. Embrace all of it. The positives will make us the happiest, the negatives will make us the saddest; but the blessings will make us the strongest.



As assured as the day begins
As certain as the night appears
As clear as the sky is blue
As true as the passing years

As blessed as the birth of a baby
As sweet as the breath of a child
As tender as the warmth of the sun
As strong as the sea is wild

As soft as nature’s music
As loving as the heart of joy
As bright as the glowing halo
As playful as the girl and boy

As untamed as the prowling wolf
As pure as the nugget of gold
As stunning as the Rembrandt
As chilling as the Winter’s cold

As deep as the emotions of love
As mystifying as the clown’s face
As sad as the pain of a loss
As calming as the crackling fireplace

As disturbing as bleak dark shadows
As blinding as the sand storm
As loving as the warm embrace
As fresh as the sudden new morn

As charming as the handsome gent
As enchanting as the lion’s eyes
As innocent as the maiden’s smile
As evil as the grim and harsh lies

So relevant, so versatile
to the journey we call “Life”
Filled with good, bad, and ugliness
Strengthened by both peace and strife

Time carries us upon its wings
For “Life” is what we live each day
We cry, we laugh, we sing, we dance
while “Life” simply guides us along the way!



We must embrace life to the fullest in order to enjoy and appreciate this journey. The positives will make us the happiest, the negatives will make us the saddest; but the blessings will make us the strongest.

Phyllis P. Colucci

Phyllis P. Colucci

OCTOBER 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
I am a freelance / indie writer (fiction, poetry, blog), residing in Brooklyn, New York.
I retired from a Supervisory/Admin position with a Federal Law Enforcement agency in NYC, a few years back.
Presently, I am pursuing my passion for writing, and most of my writing has that New York edge.
Phyllis P. Colucci

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