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written by: Michael Shea



What are you on about you nut I really don’t understand?
I was wondering you see what would we do if we were overrun with chimpanzee?
That all about no matter where they filled this great vast land!
And bleeding hearts would tell us that we cannot cull them,
for they are sentient like us you see!
Then what if we could put them somewhere, out of mischief's reach?
A nice place that’s safe and far away a land that’s girt by beach!
Would we do that I wonder now, and check in on them once in a while?
Make sure they’re safe not in harms way, assist with troubles to make the critics smile!
What are you on about you nut I really don’t understand?
I think I’m saying, and I apologise if the theory is lame or at least has developed a limp;
are we somebody’s chimp?

Michael Shea

Michael Shea

I am a behavior therapist slash philosopher author living in rural Queensland
Michael Shea

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