Petals of Prediction, by Don Knowles at

Petals Of Prediction

Petals of Prediction

written by: Don Knowles



Did you ever seize an innocent daisy
Perform evisceration
To predict romantic persuasion
Of your targeted attraction
He loves me
He loves me not
Plucked petals
Till all are naught
That last tendril
Left in your palm
Your answer known all along
This form of prestidigitation
Leaves much to be desired
With little contemplation
Of romance and its complications
this random selection
Scientific in just one way
Dependent on which question
The answer predetermined
on how you begin
So here is my own solution
When pondering questions of the heart
Proceed with casual caution
Actions speak louder then words
And leave alone the fragile Daisy
Left to pollinate
To turn to seed
Just ask your hopeful intended
Leave the Daisy to the birds and bees

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