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Opening The Space

Opening The Space

written by: Cheyenne Marcelus


I bruised my shins and scraped
my elbows trying to dance in
this tight space
I grazed my forehead on the
ceiling fan when I tried to fly
I slit my wrist on the door trying
to escape
I carpet burned my knees
praying for deliverance
Every break in my skin served
as a reminder that I was just
Too big

There was no room to toss and
turn in my sleep
I lay awake rubbing my
fingertips against the ceiling
It was low enough to touch
I thought I’d hurt myself if I ever
stood tall

But I grew tired of slouching.

So I took a sledgehammer to the walls
And opened the space
I opened a window and let the light in
I broke out
I read
I traveled
I danced wildly across the continents
And prayed in tongues
I left home
And came back without conventions
A tight grip on loose morals
Forsaking traditions
Arms stretched so wide
I put pressure on the walls
Opening the space that confined me

Every break in my skin eventually closed,
Opening me up to the universe.

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