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There She Is

written by: Magdalena Podobińska


So there she is
Standing in the rain
All wet
It seems like she doesn’t care anymore
I open the door
And tap her back
Would you like to come?
Would you like some tea?
I see her tears
She slowly nods her head
She’s so sad
I’ve never seen anyone like that
Like the saddest clown
I don’t matter anymore
She says
I don’t exist
I’m falling into pieces
And I lie on the floor and he walks over
With anger
And he walks away with indifference
I can’t breathe
It chokes me
The pain
The call wanting to come out of the chest
The nest is destroyed
The nest is destroyed

Magdalena Podobińska

Magdalena Podobińska

daughter, mum, wife, teacher, loves music, poetry, art
Magdalena Podobińska

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