Father of All Hopes! Watches Us, poetry by Puneet Kumar at Spillwords.com
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Father of All Hopes! Watches Us

Father of All Hopes! Watches Us

written by: Puneet Kumar



Father of all hopes! Watches us,
Knows all your tricky games,
Alone He decides His real games,
It is His wish you come to me so strong

A secret force moves my desire
As I enter the hall of your dream
You arrest me in the trammel of your hair
And imprison me in the castle of your dream

My resistance against you is in vain
My defeat is certain.
Bound to be your slave
Because you have an advantage in your eyes and voice

Dear! The jewel of your earnest and jest
Shining nowhere, but in the dark
Mysterious angels with brighter dreams
Snuggle up at my heart

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