Oppression’s Face Resides In The Mirror by Ciofki at Spillwords.com

Oppression’s Face Resides In The Mirror

Oppression’s face resides in the mirror

written by: Ciofki



Looking around, one can see signs of oppression everywhere. It’s found in businesses, schools, governments, and churches. Everyone seems to suffer from oppression, the poor, the average, and yes, if you ask them, even the wealthy.

Why is it that mankind is always being oppressed? Many factors contribute to oppression, and most are easily recognized. After all, there are countless injustices perpetrated on a daily basis.

However, the biggest contributor to injustice does not come from society’s woes, but rather from within. Look closely in the mirror, for what is reflected is the real oppressor. Oppression truly begins within ourselves.

Starting when we become self-aware of our role in society at large, we are under siege. It is the expectation to conform and fit into preconceived roles that begins oppression. Most people believe in an illusion of being unique, yet spend their days forging the bindings of conformability. While doing so allows one to enjoy the benefits that societal fellowship provides, the hidden cost can be enormous.

True uniqueness is often not appreciated by those in the world, as it tends to be a disruption to the status quo. If everyone were unique, then would not anarchy rule? That seems to be the consensus. The solution then, would be for individuals to excise the desire of self-expression and cut away the ability to truly demonstrate their uniqueness.

Unfortunately, that is not all to the story. Once self-oppression starts, then the next step is to extend it to others around us. If we cannot be unique, then how can we allow others to? Thus, chains are forged, and the cycle of oppression is complete.

Fortunately, there are rare individuals who do not conform. They refuse to give into oppression of any kind. They resist. We call those people heroes.

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