Our Blood Into Ink, written by Christine E. Ray at Spillwords.com

Our Blood Into Ink

Our Blood Into Ink

written by: Christine E. Ray



I reject the stifling silence

I shall speak the hidden truth unflinching

I refuse to smile through gritted teeth

during the rewriting of my history

into palatable bedtime stories for others’ comfort

I am finished with these lies of omission

I will no longer be polite

I will not be grateful for tossed crumbs

or patronizing pats on the head

I have no use for pity

I will join hands with my sisters


warriors all

we shall recite our tales of survival

in clear, resonant voices

Rich iron blood shall be transformed into ink

in fountain pens held

by our resolved hands

it will fill page after page

until all our truths have been told

and they blaze brightly across the night sky

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